A Guide To Including Keywords On Your Resume


What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words related to your profession that hiring managers and recruiters use to search for applicants with the necessary skills to fill positions.  For example, a job applicant with a background in sales may want to include keywords like: Cold Calling; Deal Negotiation; or Lead Management in their resume.

Why Including Keywords On Your Resume Is Important

  • They build credibility. Without inclusion of keywords in your resume, employers and recruiters may view you as lacking the necessary qualifications to fill their positions.
  • They’re included in job postings. Keywords are included in job postings. If your resume does not have keywords, you may be seen as too inexperienced to be considered for an interview.
  • They’re becoming increasingly necessary to get your resume seen by hiring managers and recruiters. Many companies use ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems. This software streamlines the process for employers in weeding out unqualified applicants and finding qualified ones. If your resume is not sufficiently saturated with keywords, it is likely that it will not be in a position to even be considered.
  • Employers will find you. Rather than applying to jobs, if your resume is sufficiently strong and saturated with keywords, employers and recruiters may start contacting you once you post your resume online.

How To Include Keywords In A Resume

  • Search job postings in your field of employment. What terms are consistently appearing in the majority of postings? If at all possible, include those keywords in your resume.
  • Mirror the keywords used for each job to which you apply. When applying to a job, what keywords were used in that job posting? Include those keywords to ensure that your application is not automatically eliminated from consideration.
  • Skills section. If you have experience with a certain keyword, yet cannot integrate it into the bullet points of your experience section, you may want to use a skills section to stuff your resume with relevant keywords.

Do you have any helpful tips related to keywords that may help other job applicants? Please feel free to share them in the comments section.



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