How To Write A Cover Letter That Will Land You An Interview: A Simple 4-Step Checklist


Step 1: Perfect Spelling and Grammar. It sounds basic, but many job applicants send cover letters with errors in spelling and grammar. This reflects a lack of attention, and can kill your chances of landing an interview.

Step 2: Stand Out. Does your cover letter read like a form letter? Will a hiring manager or recruiter remember anything about you after reading through 250 cover letters? Make sure that your cover letter gives a sense of who you are as a person and professional, and isn’t written in so safe a fashion as to be indistinguishable from that of every other applicant.

Step 3: Explain Why You’re Applying. What about this position appeals to you? Why do you want to work for that company? Ignoring these questions gives the impression that you want a position, not that position, and reeks of desperation and/or carelessness.

Step 4: Put Your Best Foot Forward. Including metric-based accomplishments that show the value you transmitted in previous positions should not be saved only for your resume. You have to hook hiring managers and recruiters with your cover letter, otherwise they will never move on to your resume. Showing the most impressive aspects of your professional background in your cover letter is imperative.

Do you have any other tips for writing an impressive cover letter? Please share them in the comments below.


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